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Tips to get Student Loan Forgiveness by Bruce Mesnekoff

May 31, 2016


Student loan management and consolidation expert Bruce Mesnekoff from United States of America. Bruce Mesnekoff serves as CEO of The Student Loan Help Center. He has developed and implemented programs which have enabled thousands of borrowers to retake control of their previously unmana…

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Student Loan Rey payment tips by Bruce Mesnekoff

May 30, 2016

1.)  Never ignore your student loans anymore!

Affordable payment options by Student Loan Consolidation Services.

We think everyone can agree that student loans are no fun to pay back, but ignoring them can have serious consequences (and it won’t make them go away.) If you’re worried about…

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Bruce Mesnekoff ‘s Tips To Deal With Student Debt

May 28, 2016

1). Hacking the grace period.


Your student loan provider gives you six months after graduation before you have to start paying on your student loans. Think of it as a graduation present, even though it’s a really lousy one. You have time to get yourself together before you have to start pay…

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Bruce Mesnekoff Talking About Student Loan Refinancing or Consolidation

May 25, 2016

Student Loan Refinancing or consolidation Is A Scam

Student loan refinancing or consolidation is definitely not a scam, however, there are predatory companies that we’ve discussed before. In fact, many reputable lenders offer student loan refinancing. Student loan refinancing is something t…

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Tips by Bruce Mesnekoff to Qualifies for the Student Loan Forgiveness Program in USA?

May 21, 2016

Some public service workers in USA can have their remaining student loan balance forgiven after working full-time for an eligible organization for 10 plus years. But the eligibility conditions are complicated.


For an example as a police officer, you may be able to take advantage of the Publ…

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Types of Repayment plans with its unique benefits

May 16, 2016

You can choose your repayment plan depending on what kind of student loan you have taken.

There are two kinds of loans: private student loans and federal student loans. Rules are different for both the loans.

Private student loans not being a federal fund, has very fewer repayment options.

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Ways to pay off student’s loan

May 16, 2016

We have often heard education leads to success. It’s absolutely true! Students enroll themselves in the best universities as they offer good placements. To make their future bright most of the students dream of acquiring education from best of the universities. But getting into reputed universit…

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Student Loans

May 16, 2016

Student loans are generally categorized in to following categories:

  1. Private Loans
  2. Federal Loans

Private Loans


The private loans are financed to students by banks or financial institutions and not by any kind of federal assistance. Unlike the loans which are profoundly adver…

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Difference between refinancing and consolidating

May 16, 2016

If you graduated from the college with the help of financial aid, you might be bogged down with multiple loans. Managing payments of multiple loans is will surely create a panic situation. The simple and easy way to manage student loan debt and pay it off sooner, consider student loan refinancin…

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Consolidating student loan often confused with refinancing

May 15, 2016

After graduating, the struggle to repay loans stress students. Many students pay hundreds of dollars each month for repayment of loan. In fact many end up paying more money to repay college debts than they pay for daily expenses.


If you are liable to pay more than one student loan, consid…

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Wana Repaying Your Student Loans ?

May 12, 2016

Its good time to start paying back your student loans?  Contrary to popular belief, your student loan payments don’t have to stop you from living your life. You just have to weigh your options and find a strategy that works within your budget. Here are some steps to get you started.

1. Compa…

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Bruce Mesnekoff and Marc Lichtenfeld Talk on Oxford Club Radio

May 5, 2016

It’s time for Marc Lichtenfeld’s Oxford Club Radio, the hardest-hitting half-hour about you and your money.

Our guest today is Bruce Mesnekoff, one of the foremost experts on student loan debt and the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans. Bruce, thanks so much for joining us…

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Jordan Goodman and Bruce Mesnekoff at News 21

May 3, 2016

Jordan and Bruce Mesnekoff Talking about Graduates face student loan payback.
College students are about to graduate, and the bad news is that it means it’s time to start paying back those student loans.

News 12’s financial correspondent Jordan Goodman and Bruce Mesnekoff joined News 12’s …

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